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Montross ornament to appear in magazine

Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 10:50 am

During the fall and winter season last year, there had been a few slight concerns over the ornament that the town of Montross had elected to send to decorate the Christmas tree in the Governor’s mansion. The ornament in question, a piece of wood painted into a replica of a huge shark’s tooth with Westmoreland County’s cliffs on one side, had been made by Mariela Orozco, a student from W&L High School. At the time the ornament was decided on back in October, there were concerns about the piece possibly being rejected due to its weight.

As it turns out, the concerns were unfounded, as the piece was not only accepted, but made its way into the Virginia Municipal League’s magazine! This was mentioned during Montross Town Manager Patricia Lewis’s report to the Montross Town Council in January. News of this was also shared with Holly Ransone, Orozco’s art teacher.

The practice of getting towns and counties across the state to send in unique hand-crafted ornaments to the governor’s mansion got started back during Governor McAuliffe’s term, and turned out to be a huge hit. This marked the fourth time that decorations were sent.