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Montross remembers those lost

Posted on Monday, December 24, 2012 at 10:29 am

By Nathaniel Cline

Editor’s note: See video for this story on front page.

The community of Newtown, Connecticut continues to mourn after a shooter claimed 27 lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The tragedy impacted the nation and compelled a town more than 300 miles away to show its support.
On Dec. 21 outside the town of Montross, a memorial walk in partnership with Walk 27 was held to pay tribute to the victims before Christmas.
Brittany Johnson, Jami Dove and Rachael Schultz helped coordinate the event after seeing the global initiative on the Internet to walk in remembrance of those lives lost.
“My son is seven and so he was the same age as some of those victims,” said Schultz. “It was very important to us, so I came back to work, we started talking about it, went to Tom [Collins] [employer and owner of Northern Neck Chevrolet] and he said ‘Let’s do it.’”
From the Northern Neck Chevrolet dealership to the A.T. Johnson Museum and back, the walkers covered about 2.6 miles. This came shortly before they blew bubbles in remembrance of those lives as they also showed support with nametags of the students that are deceased.
“I think it turned out great,” said Dove. “It was an awesome outpouring from the community. We took flyers out to the businesses and tried to get support for Sandy Hook and show them that we are thinking about them and they are in our prayers.”
The coordinators said they are thankful for the support from local businesses and media outlets. An estimated 75 walkers were in attendance for the event that started at 9:30 a.m.
“I have a two year old and he’s not even in school yet, but it really hit home for us,” said Johnson. “I think all around the world someone has been affected by this and we just thought it was a good way to get together and walk as a whole versus separately on this day.”