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More than a feline

Posted on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 2:37 pm

“The only cat I’m not allergic to is JenJen,” said Pat Fitzgerald one of the founders, and long time volunteers, of the Colonial Beach Humane Society.

Founded by Fitzgerald a number of years ago, the group works to take care of the feral cat colonies in, and around Colonial Beach. With Westmoreland County operating a shelter that is solely for dogs, in accordance with what the state requires, the cat population was left without human help. A lover of animals she does not let her allergy to cats slow her down.

While Wendy’s Feline Friends takes in a number of cats, and adopts out many as well, there was no one taking care of the colonies and helping to make sure that the colonies did not continue to grow out of control. That is where Colonial Beach Humane Society and Colonial Cats come in.

Colonial Cats is an organization started by Sherry Clemente that has now merged with the humane society.  Together, the two groups feed the cat colonies and work on a trap, neuter, release program to help stabilize the colonies.

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