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Museum receives more help

Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 11:59 pm

Under a cloudy sky, Murphy’s Seed Service on Cople Highway in Hague hosted Mount Holly Night Friday, Sept. 28.

The outdoor event, set among gingham patterned table cloths, shade umbrellas and local food favorites, was a fundraiser to benefit the revitalization and repair of the Westmoreland County Museum. The Museum is housed in the old furniture store in the center of Montross.

Some changes are coming for the Westmoreland County Museum in Montross. Recently some work completed on the Wakefield Furniture Building.

“We have had a really exciting week,” said Alice French. “We’ve made major progress in our efforts. We’ve redone walls, interior doors, the stairwell and even started chipping off old paint work.”

Local favorites Vault Field Vineyard, Faunce and Bevans Seafood, Plan B BBQ, Left Bank Gallery and three nurseries: Poplar Ridge, Red Oak and Crookhorn, made in-kind donations, and 10 percent of all sales from the event were donated to fund the Museum remodeling project. The Inn at Montross donated a hanging stained-glass piece as a raffle door prize and the “Cold Steel Country” band gifted attendees with live rock and country music for the evening.

“We’re hoping to raise the bar in Westmoreland County by providing art exposure and artistic ventures that children can relate to as well,” said fundraiser committee member Helen Bell.

Participants took cover for a 40-minute rain downpour and then re-convened outside in the open courtyard with glasses of wine and freshly cooked crab balls in hand.

Museum Committee Member Rebecca Gillons says she believes in community.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to come together and enjoy local businesses and support the cause of preserving the Museum,” she said. “Plus, I love to throw a great party.”

The Museum will begin reaching out to Westmoreland County residents for support with its new project this fall. Citizens will be asked to sponsor a new window and donor names will be inscribed on mini-plaques inset on the pane.