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Mylar muses featured at Second Friday Art Walk

Posted on Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at 10:00 am

Artist Eric Nelson presents his work at the Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce during August’s Second Friday Art Walk.

Local artist, Eric Nelson, thrilled the attendees at the Second Friday Art Walk in Colonial Beach with his unusual work at the Chamber of Commerce building. Nelson’s work on display ranges from landscapes to still lifes all on a different media, mylar.

Nelson uses mylar sheeting, the kind used in greenhouses to reflect light, as the base for his paintings. The paintings are done with a thick acrylic gel that provides a luminosity not often seen in any other art form.

Even with the lights low, as Nelson demonstrated, the paintings reflect the smallest bit of light and seem to glow from within. One of the most popular of the evening was a large painting based on hibiscus flowers that Nelson’s husband, Edward Hart, refused to allow him to sell. The gold background with red flowers hangs in their Colonial Beach home when it isn’t being shown in a gallery.
Nelson also has some work on display at the JarretThor Gallery, paintings that are done on old windows that are meant to be installed in front of windows to draw the light through them and add to their glow.

From his offices in Colonial Beach, Nelson now works as a realtor, but his life began on a much different run. Born in New York City, he moved to Virginia 30 years ago and spent many years as an international lobbyist for a telecommunications trade company.

In his 40s, Nelson decided to take a leap, and focus more on his artistry. He, and his partner, owned a mall chain of four stores called Artfully Chocolate. The stores were part artisan chocolate, part art gallery.

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