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Never stop learning: Nearly a century of art

Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at 2:47 pm

What started as a promise from Mayor Fred Rummage back when Ebbie Hynson was 89-years-old has grown into a mantra for her As she hits 99 this week Hynson was celebrated at the JarretThor Gallery and the Artists Alliance in the heart of Colonial Beach.

Hynson is quick to tell you she is looking forward to next year’s celebration, which will include fireworks, even as she dives into the giant cake prepared for her birthday. A lover of all things sweet Hynson was surrounded by 70 friends this weekend at the gallery where works of her’s, old and new, decorated the room.

Not only had Mayor Rummage, who has since passed on, promised Hynson fireworks but, so have the two subsequent mayors of the town of Colonial Beach, Mike Ham and current Mayor Eddie Blunt. Blunt was on hand to cut the cake at the celebration giving Hynson the first, and biggest piece, as she requested.

A working artist for the past 40 years, Hynson has painted in acrylics, oils and pastels over her time. She has done everything from landscapes to portraits in her work. One of her favorite pieces is a testament to her being a staunch liberal Democrat, a portrait of Senator Mark Warner when he was a younger Senator.

Hynson has always been involved in the community. Nearly 30 years ago, she worked the polls for the Democratic Party at the Oak Grove Volunteer Fire Department. In her red, white and blue flowered hat she would bounce from person to person offering them literature and thanking them for coming out to vote, even if they did not vote the way she believed.

Hynson always wanted to be an artist from the time she was a young girl. However, she married young and went to work leaving little time to develop her skills until she was older.

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Ebbie Hynson enjoyed her massive cake at her 99th birthday party.