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New artwork at the JarretThor Gallery

Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 10:59 am

The Colonial Beach Artists’ Guild held their monthly art walk last Friday at various sites around town. Artist Hubert Jackson was the focus artist at the Artists’ Alliance at JarretThor Gallery as the opening reception of his month long feature was held in conjunction with the walk.

With a newer focus on spirituality and religion Jackson’s work has changed since his last major exhibit in Colonial Beach. While keeping a same style, you can tell it is his work at a glance, the new focus on spirituality opens his work to a different crowd of art lovers.

As much of his former work was more abstract in nature this is more representational, yet, just as lovely.

Jackson is a retired art educator who worked in the DC Public School System prior to his retirement. He has a Master’s Degree from Howard University in Fine Arts.

Jackson is a resident of Colonial Beach now, but was born in Culpeper. He spends time traveling between the two which has led him to a series of works based around the Civil War and the people who were enslaved during that dark period of American history.

Many of those works are currently in a show at the African American Civil War Museum.

JarretThor also featured a number of other artists who are part of the Artists’ Alliance in their November show. All sorts of mediums are used from jewelry to oils to everything in between by the artists in the coalition. The show runs through the start of  December in the gallery.

A painting by Hubert Jackson on display at the JarretThor Gallery.