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Night honors service and family of MVRS

Posted on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 6:02 am

Montross Volunteer Rescue Squad held its annual Installation of Officers and Awards Banquet last Friday. The evening upheld a theme of family unity as current members were honored for service and past members remembered.

Montross Volunteer Rescue Squad held its annual Installation of Officers and Awards Banquet last Friday. The banquet was organized and presented by Holden Oliff, Samantha Sisson and Brandy Jones.
“This year I wanted to honor everyone,” Oliff said. “Everyone does something and contributes to make MVRS the best! We are a family that works together. Sure, we might not always get along, but we always come together as a family. I wanted to show our support from MVRS to all of our members, to the community and to everyone else.”
Special guests included Westmoreland County Sheriffs Office and Westmoreland County Vol. Fire Dept., Westmoreland County Vol. Rescue Squad, Colonial Beach Vol. Rescue Squad, who also covered calls during the banquet, Michael Player, and Rionne Hahn, an RN from RTH. Dudley said he is “proud I’m part of MVRS.”
Donna Shelar, Rescue Chief for 2012, expressed gratitude for the squad and emphasized that MVRS is a family. Guest speaker was Westmoreland County Dispatcher Mark Bryant who highlighted the close-knit team of MVRS.
Westmoreland County Sheriffs Office Dispatch presented an award to Will England for Citizenship.
Other awards presented to the community and MVRS members included:
Community Thanks Awards: 7-Eleven, Angelo’s, Northern Neck Hardware, Montross Body and Glass, Life Evac, Air Care, Westmoreland County Sheriffs Office, Westmoreland County Dispatchers, and Westmoreland County Vol. Fire Department.
The Fighter Award: Debbie Duckett for her fight with cancer and for providing support to MVRS.
Truck Awards: Jeff Beasley, Mickey Hawkins and Billy Tolson for the maintenance of the trucks.
OPIE (Oops Please Ignore Error) Awards presented to Jack Shelar for the side step on Medic 31 getting caught in a stump, Kate Hall for when mannequins attack, and Holden Oliff for ripping his pants while picking up the stretcher.
Trauma Call of the Year was for a single vehicle accident on Mill Pond Hill. There were three patients total. The driver of the vehicle had been ejected and run over by the vehicle. The crew of Holden Oliff, Debbie Bowen and Mickey Hawkins attended to the driver’s serious injuries. The patient was stabilized by the crew of Medic 31 and flown to Mary Washington Hospital by Air Care. The other passengers had non-life threatening injuries and were transported by Suzanne Tolson, Billy Tolson and Jamal Harvey to RTH. Also recognized for her help in assisting with the call was Jennifer Spies.
Medical Call of the Year was for an elderly man who kept losing consciousness. The squad was called and the patient was going to sign a refusal when he lost his pulse and stopped breathing. The patient came around with the quick treatment from Suzanne Tolson, Tammy McDaniel and Nick McDaniel. The patient agreed to be transported, was stabilized and flown to MWH.
MVRS responded to 310 emergency calls in 2012 with an increase in Mutual Aid to surrounding rescue squads.
Top 10 Call Runners (not in any order) Jack Shelar, Tammy McDaniel, Mickey Hawkins, Holden Oliff, Vicky Beasley, Billy Tolson, Jeff Beasley, Suzanne Tolson, Darrel Johnson, and William Sisson. Honorable Mention goes to Samantha Sisson, Samantha Beasley and Will England.
Thank You Award goes to all junior and full members: Jeff Beasley, Samantha Beasley, Vicky Beasley, Debbie Bowen, Kevin Bowen, Travis Bozeman, Debbie Ducket, Will England, Alan Hagman, Leah Hall, Kate Hall, Jamall Harvey, Micky Hawkins, Kathy Hipkins, Mark Hipkins, Amanda Jenkins, Darrel Johnson, Katie Johnson, Brandy Jones, Nick McDaniel Sr, Sean McDaniel, Tammy McDaniel, Holden Oliff, Holly Ransone, Katlyn Reamy, Rebekah Roach, Donna Shelar, Jack Shelar, Samantha Sisson, William Sisson, James Stine, Billy Tolson and Suzanne Tolson.
Special Awards were presented to: Will England, Brandy Jones, Samantha Sisson, James Stine and Kate Hall for helping to clean, prepare and set up for the banquet.
A Special Thanks was presented to: Sandra Oliff for helping with any events the squad puts on and for her support to the Montross Vol. Rescue Squad.
Jack Shelar received the “I Get My Wife Back Award” for his dedication to Donna Shelar while she was Chief.
“Leaders Lead From the Front” Award was presented to Donna Shelar for her hard work as Rescue Chief.
New officers sworn in by Mayor Dave Odell for MVRS for 2013: Vicky Beasley, Chief; 1st Lt., Suzanne Tolson; 2nd Lt., Mickey Hawkins; 3rd Lt., Jeff Beasley; and Secretary, Kate Hall.
Catering was by Shane’s Rib Shack.