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November Elections in Westmoreland County

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 11:59 pm

New laws approved by the Governor and General Assembly will affect the November, 2012 election, according to Kristin Hicks, General Registrar for Westmoreland County.

“The better educated the voter is, the easier the election will be for everyone,” said Hicks.

While a photo ID is not required, voters will have to provide an ID in order to vote at the poll booth.  Acceptable forms of ID include: Voter Registration Card; Social Security Card; valid Virginia Driver’s License; valid student ID card issued by an institute of higher education located in Virginia; valid employee ID card containing a photo; current utility bill, bank statement, government check or paycheck that shows the name and address of the voter, or; a concealed handgun permit.

If a person does not have a valid ID, they will have to cast a Provisional Ballot.  A Provisional Ballot is a written ballot which is returned to the Westmoreland County Electoral Board for verification of eligibility to vote.  The voter has until noon on the third day after the election to provide proper ID in order for their vote to count.

Voting day is on Nov. 6, 2012.


Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Question 1: Shall Section 11 of Article 1 (Bill of Rights) of the Constitution of Virginia be amended (i) to require that eminent domain only be exercised where the property taken or damaged is for public use and, except for utilities or the elimination of a public nuisance, not where the primary use is for private gain, private benefit, private enterprise, increasing jobs, increasing tax revenue, or economic development; (ii) to define what is included in just compensation for such taking or damaging of property; and (iii) to prohibit the taking or damaging of more private property than is necessary for the public use?

Question 2: Shall Section 6 of Article IV (Legislature) of the Constitution of Virginia be amended to allow the General Assembly to delay by no more than one week the fixed starting date for the reconvened or “veto” session when the General Assembly meets after a session to consider the bills returned to it by the governor with vetoes or amendments?


Candidate for President & Vice President

Republican Party: Mitt Romney, president, and Paul Ryan, vice president;

Democratic Party: Barack Obama, president, and Joe Biden, vice president;

Constitution Party: Virgil Goode, president, Jim Clymer, vice president;

Libertarian Party: Gary Johnson, president, and James P. Gray, vice president;

Green Party: Jill Stein, president, and Cheri Honkala, vice president.


Candidate for U.S. Senate

George F. Allen (R) and Timothy M. Kaine (D).


Candidate for House of Representatives, 1st District

Robert J. “Rob” Wittman (R), Adam M. Cook (D) and G. Gail Parker (IG).


Candidate for Colonial Beach School Board

No candidates’ names will appear on the ballot. Several write-in candidates are vying for the three vacant posts.


Colonial Beach Mayor

Michael S. “Mike” Ham, Burkett Lyburn and Steven Kennedy


Colonial Beach Town Council

Jim Chiarello, Timothy E. “Tim” Curtin, Lloyd T. “Tommy” Edwards and Wanda L. Goforth.


Special Election

Westmoreland County School Board, District 1: No candidates’ names will appear on the ballot. Several write-in candidates are vying for the post. Frances Jenkins, Scott Duprey, Mark Carpenter and Mark S. Garner have expressed interest in filling the vacancy.