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Oak Grove Church hosts Elementary students

Posted on Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Just days after the devastating fire at Colonial Beach Elementary School (CBES), the CB School Board voted unanimously to accept Oak Grove Baptist Church’s (OGBC) offer to use their building. Four options were presented by Superintendent Kathleen Beane.

A rainbow stretched over Oak Grove Baptist church at Tuesday's open house.

A rainbow stretched over Oak Grove Baptist church at Tuesday’s open house.

Those options included OGBC, the former King George Middle School (KGMS,) various locations around town, and doing a split schedule at the high school. OGBC seemed to be kismet as the building has the exact number of classrooms needed to house all 280 students. It also has a fellowship hall that can be used for indoor recreation as well as kitchen facilities.

The day of the fire, Title I Coordinator Amanda Preston called her pastor at OGBC, the Rev. Randall J. Snipes, asking for prayers for the school system.

“Upon hearing the news of the school fire, we began to pray for the situation, teachers, and students, as well as our men and women in harm’s way fighting the fire,” Snipes said in an interview.

Not only did he pray for CBES, but he immediately went to work on setting the process in motion to help CBES. By mid-afternoon of January 5th, he had laid the offer on the table for CBES to relocate to OGBC.

“Shortly after the initial news, our associate pastor Michael Proudfoot suggested that we offer them our facilities if it would be of benefit.  We obviously did not know how all the details would work out, but we knew that it was the right thing to do.  Our goal in this is to simply be a tangible demonstration of the love of God to everyone involved,” Snipes said.