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Organization seeks to change lives

Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 12:18 pm


Dozens gathered in support of the Creative Life Changers organization launch, January 28, in Montross.

Hearts for change

In a world plagued with hardships and turmoil, it’s hard for many to see beyond the difficult circumstances life has thrown their way—whether it be in cases of domestic violence, financial instability, poor healthcare or unemployment. Oftentimes, losing hope is far easier than believing in and working towards a change for the better. And, one thing people sometimes forget is that they don’t have to go through it alone.


Creative Life Changers was founded by Krystal Taylor (middle), Latasha Branson (left) and Kimberly Crawley (right). Photo by Ashton Creative Group.

Dozens gathered Saturday, January 28, to witness and support the launch of Creative Life Changers (CLC), an organization devoted to community outreach and transforming lives, at the A.T. Johnson auditorium in Montross. However, what started as a services’ launch quickly became a captivating time of worship as those in attendance sang the faith inspired, ‘God our Healer’ to kick off the beginning of a new endeavor.
Founded by Krystal Taylor, Latasha Branson and Kimberly Crawley in the summer of 2016, CLC’s vision is “to impact positive change” by providing services to assist those in the Northern Neck in overcoming whatever obstacles they may face. The trio briefly shared their own experience dealing with difficult seasons of life, a journey they attributed to their complete surrender to serve God in all that they do.
According to the group, the name ‘Creative Life Changers’ came from God’s calling.


Pastor Gerald Smith speaks at launch ceremony. Photo by Ashton Creative Group.

“God spoke to us saying ‘You are more than life changers, you were chosen by Me. You were made out of My image, nothing you will do will be ordinary or traditional. You will think outside the box, because with Me, the box won’t exist. There is so much creative about each of you, that is why you will be called Creative Life Changers.’”
CLC will provide various business opportunities that will build an additional source of income and financial freedom for its clients. The organization will also offer outreach services such as mentorships, empowerment and support groups, client advocacy and workshops. CLC also hopes to conduct seminars that will contribute to career, financial, personal and spiritual development to Northern Neck communities.
CLC hopes to empower those such as domestic violence victims, substance abusers, ex-offenders, single moms, children with at-risk behaviors, homeless, elderly, mental health patients and those that are unemployed.
“No client will ever be turned away and no client will be required to pay for services provided through CLC. We pray that as our clients are healed and restored, they too can then begin to impact positive change in the lives of others! We recognize that everyone was created for a purpose and our goal is to simply navigate them through life and help them discover their purpose.”
Taylor, Branson and Crawley encouraged the audience to seek God’s voice and follow His call so they can find their purpose and life’s fulfillment in Him.
“Even when God spoke, I had those moments of doubt,” Taylor said. “But with God, there is no back-up plan.”
Through their organization, the members of CLC are eager to heal and strengthen the communities around the Northern Neck. For more information, you may contact Krystal Taylor at CHOOSECLC@gmail.com or by phone at (804) 456-7095.

Hannah Elliott is the Westmoreland News Editor.