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Ornament for the Governor’s mansion

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 12:30 pm

Over the past several months, as far back as August, the Montross Town Council had been pondering over a local ornament to send to decorate the Christmas tree of the Governor’s mansion. The choices were been between the work of Cynthia Newton and that of one of Holly Ransone’s art students at Washington & Lee High School.

At the last time this had been mentioned, no works had been submitted.

However, at this month’s town council meeting the works were in, and they did not disappoint.

One piece that stole the show came from Mariela Orozco, one of the art students, who back in April when she won the 2018 VSBA Regional Art Contest. Demonstrating that lightning can and does hit twice, she had submitted an ornament that was painted into a replica of a massive shark’s tooth, with Westmoreland County’s cliffs on one side. The only possible wrinkle will be if the piece is deemed too heavy. Otherwise, it has all the qualifications taken care of.

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Mariela Orozco’s ornament was chosen to be sent

to the Governor to grace his Christmas tree.