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Packing and storing

Posted on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 11:47 am

Oak Grove looks like it will be having self-storage units in its near future. Back in October, one of the matters coming before Board of Supervisors was a request for an area to be rezoned and special exceptions granted. Already on the properties is a business called Bobby’s Auto Service, which the property owner wished to keep going.

Self-storage facilities are not allowed at all on A-1 zoned properties, and can only be allowed with special exceptions in commercial and industrial zoning districts, which meant that the properties had to be rezoned and consolidated, and the special exception granted in order to pursue the project. An old home that is also on the property is intended to be removed, and the storage facility built in phases.

A key concern lay with how close the planned facility was going to be to the curve in the road just past the intersection when going towards Montross, and was brought up by Vice Chairman Hynson.

“The only reason I bring this up is because you can’t have an entrance on Route 3 within 500 feet of a blind spot. I’m all for this happening, but I want to make sure that turns into this place are safe.”

Hynson’s concerns were laid to rest shortly after, however, as there were plenty of entrances already, with many of the plans consolidating them into one main entrance. VDOT is also required to approve any site plan that is cooked up, and had already conducted some preliminary work.

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