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Physical therapy now available in Montross

Posted on Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 7:28 pm

Dr. Arnan Sisson cuts the ribbon to his new physical therapy practice.

On Monday, October 2, Sisson and Associates Physical Therapy and Wellness opened its doors in Montross and treated its first patient. Located near the only stop light in the town, the practice has been set up to aid in relieving pain and helping its patients avoid relapses, allowing them to, as its owner’s Westmoreland News column put it, “regain their lives.”
Dr. Arnan Sisson, the mind behind the practice, had plenty to say on why he opened Sisson and Associates.

“I was born and raised here in Montross, and throughout my life, many of my friends and family here have complained about the chronic aches and pains they have,” Sisson said. “The problem is that the nearest physical therapy clinics are over in Warsaw and Colonial Beach, and the lengthy drive turns them off to the idea. So since they can’t bring themselves to the clinic, I’m bringing the clinic to them. I want to give back to the community, and this is how I plan on doing it.”

It’s clear that Dr. Sisson is emphasizing quality over quantity with how he’s treating his patients, and spoke from experience on the subject. “When I worked in Lynchburg on clinical rotations, I’d be seeing something like four patients an hour, and it was maddening,” Sisson said. “I could only devote ten minutes at best to each patient, and I knew that if I had more time with them, I’d have had them out of there much sooner and in better shape. So here, I’m aiming to see one patient an hour, with about seven patients per day at the most. This insures that I’ve got plenty of time to spend with each of my patients and give them the best care they can get. We’re trying to make the patients feel as much at home as possible, from the soft lighting to the music, all the way to the light whiff of cinnamon as you step in the door.” He summed his method up in five simple words, “It’s all about the patient.”

Dr. Sisson has been a constant presence in the local papers for the last eighteen months, give or take a month, publishing pieces on relieving aches and pains. Much like his articles in the newspaper, his practice stresses not only relieving pain, but preventing it. “The idea is to put the patient in control, and give them what they need so that they can prevent pain in the future. We mainly use exercise, medicine, and education to help the patient treat themselves. This isn’t to say I don’t use hands-on techniques, but I see more value in self-sufficiency.”
On the subject of plans for the future, Dr. Sisson indicated he intends to bring further services in. “This is not just about physical therapy, it’s about wellness, and in the future, I aim to show the community just what that means.” Sisson hopes the clinic will see tremendous success as he strives to help the community that raised him.