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Planning Commission’s new year’s resolution

Posted on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 4:41 pm

The Colonial Beach Planning Commission is setting goals and working on past issues that have been left to sit.

Barreling into their 2019 work the commission has set a list of goals to accomplish this year. The main goal for this year, and next, is the updating of the Comprehensive Plan. With the last plan being published in 2009 the commission is hard at work updating it.

A survey was conducted of town citizens on what they wanted to see for the future of the town and much of what was mentioned are the same items as in the 2009 plan. The commission is going through each chapter one by one to update it and make sure it meets the town, and commission’s, current and future needs.

One of the chapters that has been most controversial is the Housing Chapter. The chapter consists mainly of statistical data including information about the future needs of affordable housing in the town. During the last overview of the chapter former Town Councilman Bill Dellar rewrote the chapter, against the commission’s advice and what they had passed, deleting much of the data.

With a new council the Housing Chapter will be looked at to possibly re-add the data. Dellar and Mayor Eddie Blunt both had disagreements with the need for affordable housing in Colonial Beach.

As the town’s population ages the need for affordable, smaller, housing increases. The chapter also discussed the need for affordable housing for those just starting out.

The Planning Commission is also looking to host joint meetings with various neighborhoods throughout the town to see what each individual neighborhood is looking for in the future of the town. With a diverse population as CB is, the needs of the town residents are diverse as well.

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