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Promoting, marketing Montross in the works

Posted on Monday, March 3, 2014 at 4:00 pm

The Town of Montross Downtown Improvement Project Management Team Meeting was held on Wednesday Feb. 19. To start, a summary was given of what took place at the last meeting in November. The main topic of that meeting was the status of the county’s plans with the new courthouse and relocations as well as what the plans were for the old courthouse and other facilities. 100_0245

Prior to this Feb. meeting, County Administrator Norm Risavi had said that the status was the same as in November, that the courthouse move was a few months behind schedule. It was noted that the registrar will stay where it is, while the courts and sheriff will move into the new building.

The use of the Stuart Building after relocation is still up in the air, but the hope is to use it as a Visitors Center. It was mentioned that the restrooms will probably be torn down and the county will build adequate public restrooms. It is likely that the rest of the offices will be torn down except for the historic jail and the adjacent area may be used for public parking and space.

The county is in discussion with two groups, The Westmoreland County Museum and the Northern Neck Historical Society, about a lease to utilize the old courthouse. As of now, the historical society has dropped out of the discussion, but they may come back in. Until that time, discussions are moving forward with the museum for the use.