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Public schools continue to push toward accreditation

Posted on Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 3:23 pm

Westmoreland Schools are only six points away from full accreditation. Washington and Lee High School, Washington District Elementary and Cople Elementary are now fully accredited. Montross Middle School missed full accreditation by only six points in English.

Cople Elementary School has overcome some hard challenges to reach full accreditation. Montross Middle was only experiencing problems in English last year but Cople Elementary was struggling with both English and Math.

“Westmoreland County has had an additional school to be accredited this year, Cople Elementary,” Superintendent Dr. Michael Perry announced. “This means that Washington District, Washington and Lee, and Cople Elementary are now accredited. We are now 75% along the way to being a fully accredited Division.”

In September 2016 only two of Westmoreland County Schools were fully accredited Washington & Lee High School and Washington District Elementary. However Montross Middle School was only partially accredited/warned school for pass rate in English alone. All other subjects were on track for Montross Middle. Cople Elementary’s status however was “To Be Determined” as either denied accredited or as a reconstituted school.

Cople Elementary had fallen short in making the benchmark in English for three consecutive years and was failing to make the benchmark in Math for four consecutive years.
Montross Middle did not meet the benchmark in English this year. However, Montross Middle showed strong growth in every subject and was only six points away from being fully accredited.

“I am so proud of our students, teachers, and parents,” Perry said. “We are heading in the right direction and I couldn’t be happier for our district. We have addressed education and we are winning. Three of our schools, Washington and Lee High School, Washington District Elementary, and Cople Elementary are fully accredited and we only missed accreditation at Montross Middle School by six points in the English benchmark, and they showed growth in every other subject.”

In order to regain accreditation Cople Elementary Principal Leslie Steele and staff implemented several new strategies in order to help students reach their benchmark goals. Those stategies included Mulligan Strategies, Istation, Accelerated Reader, Newsela, Drambox.

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