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Red Devils Take Down the Eagles

Posted on Friday, May 16, 2014 at 3:52 pm

The Washington and Lee Eagles hosted the Lancaster Red Devils in a friendly match of baseball between the two varsity teams on Monday, May 5th. Both Lancaster and Washington and Lee failed to make much of an advancement in the first inning, with each team barely touching bases before receiving their third out.

​Lancaster’s J. Hodges (#8) sprints to home base after D. Thomas sends the ball down field.

​Lancaster’s J. Hodges (#8) sprints to home base after D. Thomas sends the ball down field.

Lancaster showed more progress in the second inning, however. After G. Long (#7) made his way to first by a walk, he continued to steal second and third base on K. Thomas’ (#24) turn at bat. As Thomas nailed the ball down midfield, Long ran past home plate to score the first run in the game. Thomas would then go to score after T. Woolnad (#12) hit the ball up in the air. Two plays later, Lancaster scored another run after the Eagles threw a bad pitch. The Red Devils then received their three outs and handed the bat over to the Eagles.

Unfortunately, the Eagles struggled to make much progress in the bottom of the second inning as they received their three outs within just three bats. The Red Devils quickly returned to bat, with J. Hodges (#8) starting off the third inning. After receiving a walk and stealing two bases during D. Thomas’ (#5) bat, Hodges was ready to run to home plate. J. Moore (#4) stepped up to the plate and sent the ball down right field, giving Hodges enough time to make it safely to home. The next play, D. Thomas would steal home after another bad pitch by the Eagles, giving Lancaster a good five run lead over Washington and Lee.