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Region A MVPs crowned 1,000-point club members

Posted on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 11:59 am

Karley Inscoe and Caneishia Fulcher were named the Region A Division 1’s co-mvps last Saturday.

Fulcher joins Beach’s 1,000-point club

Senior Caneishia Fulcher knew coming into the season she was vying to receive one of the highest individual awards given to a basketball player at Colonial Beach High School. The trouble was, Fulcher had no idea when it was until it came.

On Feb. 6, Fulcher became the newest member of the 1,000-point club at Colonial Beach High School after starting her freshman year with the varsity basketball team.

“It was a little overwhelming because at first I didn’t know how to take it,” said Fulcher. “It was a shock and I was surprised.”

Fulcher smiled recalling the moment when the game stopped in her final regular season home game. Her coach, Keith Dickerson, mislead her into thinking she still needed 24 points instead of seven.

“I was just smiling and blushing, and didn’t know how to feel,” Fulcher said. “He definitely led me on.”

Coming into the season, the first team all-district member said one of her challenges was handling the role of being the oldest members with so many young players. But this is not diminishing her goal of going far in the playoffs.

This season, Fulcher joins third seeded Lady Drifters into the Northern Neck District Tournament and looks on track to become one of the higher seeded teams in the regional tournament. For several years the team has done well in the opening rounds of the tournament, but misses the finals round qualifying them in competition for the state tournament.

Fulcher was averaging 13.5 points, 6.3 assists, 6.2 rebounds and 3.9 steals per game.

The senior hopes to continue playing basketball on the collegiate level, but in the meantime help the Lady Drifters go as far as they can in the playoffs.


Hard work pays off for senior forward

There us saying that sometimes when you aren’t looking for something suddenly it happens. In Karley Inscoe’s case she has shot her way to the school’s basketball record books this season.

In the opening week if the region playoffs, the senior from Colonial Beach was recognized for scoring a thousand points in her high school basketball career.

“I didn’t think I was even going to make it to a thousand,” said Inscoe. “We lost so many people from the team last year that I just didn’t have as much hope.”

Inscoe said she was made aware that she was reaching the feat, but she had to beg coach Keith Dickerson to tell her when exactly.

“It was still kind of shocking when it happened,” Inscoe said. “After it went in, I was shocked and it felt good to know that I accomplished something like that.”

The senior started playing basketball when she was in junior high, but never thought about becoming a member of the 1,000-point club. After all she started out as a post player watching the playmakers scoring the most.

“But in 10th grade I started shooting the basketball and I loved it,” Inscoe said.

While Dickerson said he has wished the best for, he jokingly said he didn’t attach Inscoe to becoming a thousand-point club member. He learned his lesson after doing that with four of his previous standouts and neither made the accomplishment.

“I was not going to open my mouth because every time I predict is going to be a thousand-point scorer seem to find a way not to do it,” said Dickerson.

What has made Inscoe an even blessing to have on the team is her will to endure injury. During her sophomore season, Inscoe tore her meniscus, but she was able to rehab it. While she doesn’t have a lot of mobility, Dickerson said that has not stopped her.

“Karley has learned how to work hard,” Dickerson said. “She has not always been a hard worker, but she has learned and matured…this year she worked above and beyond.”

“She has really bought into game and doesn’t want the season to end,” Dickerson added. “She loves the game, loves to win and loves her teammates so much. To see her limping around the court, coming from being my center and realizing she can shoot the basketball it’s been a definite 180. Every plan I had for Karley, everything she has done has not been in my play book.”