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Residents claim abuse of authority

Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 10:19 am

Kelly Quinn, shaken from the experience, took this photo of a man accompanying Code Compliance Officer Theresa Davis (right) carrying away the mechanics of a $6,000 refrigeration unit while a Colonial Beach Police Officer looks on.

Kelly Quinn points to cut line where she said freon leaked out. It is clear in this picture that the inner mechanics have been removed from the rest of the unit rendering it inoperable.

Neighboring residents Kelly Quinn and Bobby Allison say Colonial Beach Code Compliance Officer Theresa Davis has overstepped her authority. Quinn said workers accompanying Davis destroyed an industrial, working refrigeration unit worth $6,000. Allison said he was billed over $200 when Davis removed tin cans, roofing shingles and a few bags of kindling.

Kelly Quinn a resident of Colonial Beach and owner of First Stop Meat Market said she was recovering from one of several major surgeries she has had over the last year when Davis and two men showed up on August 6 with a Colonial Beach Police Officer.

Quinn said she woke up at 8 a.m. and heard the commotion in her backyard. She looked out her back window and saw them “tearing the refrigerator apart and throwing parts into the truck.”

Quinn said this is how the items were left after Davis and her men put the items back and left the property on Aug 6.

She has a PICC-line, which she has to hook up to multiple IVs during the night and throughout the day. Quinn had to unhook the lines and get dressed to go outside to address the issue. “I have a colostomy bag and it was full.” Quinn said in a shaken voice.

She said the men tore the refrigeration hardware and copper tubing out of the freezer cutting the line to the freon and letting it release into the air.

“They ripped the coils out first, because they are made of copper and copper is money you know. Then they let all the freon out of the refrigeration unit.”

Quinn said the freon was leaking out and she alerted the officer. “You’re supposed to reclaim that gas, you’re not supposed to let it go into the ozone, that’s a $10,000 fine with the federal government.”

Taken by Mike Slocum prior to the town coming to remove the items. This picture shows how the items were stored and lined in a row.

After several attempts by Quinn to contact Mayor and Acting Town Manager Eddie Blunt, Davis and her crew were told to put the items back. Quinn said the men tried to shove the mechanics of the unit back under the refrigerator. “They ripped the doors right off of it and when they went to put it back they tried to shove the parts back up underneath of it. A $6,000 piece of equipment is ruined. It’s all stainless steel. They ripped out the motor and the copper coils.”

Quinn added, “The men threw the pieces onto their truck. Once Eddie Blunt called them they threw the pieces back.”

Quinn said the items the group came for were in working order and stacked neatly in a row on blocks out of view from the road in her back yard. She has no trespassing signs on her property but said that didn’t stop Davis and the two men from coming onto her property and trying to remove the items.

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