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Restoration strikes Stratford Hall

Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 12:00 pm

MagnoliaTrees_imageAs Stratford continues the major restoration process of the Great House and the surrounding grounds, work is scheduled to begin (weather permitting) on Monday, January 30, to remove the magnolia trees on the west side of the Great House and the holly hedge behind the stables.
“This will be a significant visual change, undertaken after considerable thought and research,” said John Bacon, Stratford’s President. “The magnolia trees were planted in the 1940s and hence are not authentic to the Lee family’s ownership of the property. Most importantly, however, they are causing moisture and other damage to the Great House and will continue to do so, if unchecked. Similarly, the holly hedge was not a feature of the area historically and obscures an important building containing original fabric.”
Ongoing work related to the west side of the Great House includes archeological investigations, documentary research, and visits to and consultation with other historic sites to aid in developing a new and comprehensive interpretive plan.