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Return to rural roots: JarretThor celebrates 10 years

Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 10:15 am

Artist Vicky Marckel holds a bird, BB-8, who is owned by one of JarrettThor’s original artists, Jonathon Shaw.

For 10 years Carl and Joyce Thor of JarrettThor Fine Arts have hosted artists from all over the world, yet for their decade celebration they went back to their roots. Artists from the very beginning of the gallery decorated the walls with their work as many of them returned to celebrate.

Carl and Joyce Thor thank their artists and customers for 10 years at their gallery JarrettThor Fine Arts.

Of the 13 original artists, two have passed on, but many of the others were in attendance, although a couple were affected by Hurricane Irma and other weather situations. The original thirteen artists include: Barbara Chiminello, Luda Del Rose, Francie Freitas, Steve Griffin, Beejee Juhnke, Rob Liberace, Candy Livingston (deceased), Barbara Love, Kris McKinzie, Ross Merrill (deceased), Jonathan Shaw, Patricia Spitaleri, and Joyce Thor.

The Thors have supported the large community of artists in Colonial Beach since the opening of the gallery. CB hosts a large number of gifted and talented artists many who have been drawn to the beach later in life.

Carl and Joyce thanked the various artists, friends, guild members and customers who gathered to celebrate their time in Colonial Beach. Their 3,000 square foot gallery is currently for sale as they prepare to move on to their next adventure.