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Road tied to high school plans

Posted on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 10:03 am

Last month was a busy one all across Westmoreland County; the county’s School Board was no exception. During October’s facility update, Superintendent Dr. Perry informed the School Board just how much closer developments for the new high school had come.

The biggest advance by far involved an access road to the athletic complex. According to Dr. Perry, since the county government got approval for the creation of a road, the high school is now tied in with the athletic complex. This would be included in the plans for the new high school.

Furthermore, several members of the central School Board office staff, including Maintenance Supervisor Ricky Wilkins, have given their approval of various parts of the design. Technology Director Chris Evans also signed off on the placement of security cameras on the exterior of the building as well as the IT preferences. Meanwhile, static water pressure is being tested and confirmed by Resource International.

Grimm & Parker, the firm that designed the new high school, have submitted drawings both to the county and Montross governing bodies. The 95% completion construction documents were, as of the time of the meeting, on track to be turned in to the US RDA.

Dr. Perry concluded this particular update on an optimistic note, commenting, “They’re well on their way to taking care of their part in all of this, and we get closer each day.”