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Ruritan Club donates to Project Lifesaver

Posted on Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 10:32 am

Left to Right: First Sergeant Vanessa Schoch, Gwynne Chatham, Past President, Eddie Sanford, President and Major John Hoover

Members of the Ruritan Club donated $600 to the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Office to benefit Project Lifesaver. Westmoreland First Sergeant Vanessa Schoch heads up Project Life Saver.
Westmoreland County Sheriff C. O. Balderson said, “The Lifesaver Program was founded in 1998, we started implementing the program in 2011 at the Sheriff’s office. The basic mission of the program is to provide a timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children who wonder due to Alzheimer, Autism and other related conditions or disorders.”
The program offers a watch size transmitter that can be warn by people who have medical conditions that involve them frequently to wonder away from home and become disoriented. With the program loved ones can call the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s office as soon as they discover their relative has gone missing. If the participant is wearing their locator the police can locate them from a mile away.
Westmoreland has several active participants in the program. One of the program participants, a Westmoreland woman in her late 40’s with Alzheimer wonders off frequently, Two years ago she was located with the Life Saver after wondering away from her caregiver.
Balderson said, “The Sheriff’s office, civic groups, businesses and caregivers all join together in developing and strengthening all aspects of the program including the rescues, fund raising and education.”
To sign up a loved one or learn more about the program you may contact First Sergeant Schoch or Major John Hoover at the Sheriffs office. (804) 493-8066.
The Ruritan Club is a community service organization that helps those in the community.
Gwynne Chatham, past president of the Ruritan Club said, “We give scholarships to graduating seniors in the amount of $4000 every year, we have our own team in Relay for Life and we give to groups like the 4-H club.”

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