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Sally Sells Seashells (And You Can Too!)

Posted on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 1:50 pm

Sally Sells Seashells (And You Can Too!) is a brand new delightful musical that Colonial Beach Elementary School’s music teacher, Benjamin Swanson, directed this weekend over two nights. Swanson and the 30 Colonial Beach Elementary School’s cast and crew members invited the Westmoreland News to the dress rehearsal for a sneak peak of the show.

Sally, played by Becca Grigsby, is a young girl whose family moves around a lot, but she lands in a beach town where she thinks she can make money by teaching the other children in the town how to sell seashells. Grigsby did an amazing job in her first lead role.

The male lead, a young boy by the name of Tam, is played by Noah Foster who played the lead in last year’s Colonial Beach Elementary School’s musical. Tam’s family is dealing with the divorce of the parents and a downturn in their economic situation. Tam gratefully jumps at the chance to earn money for his family.

Throughout the musical 16 songs of all genres interspersed with scenes of the children from the Cheer Squad, the beach kids and surfer kids interact and find out that Sally will be leaving town.  Sally’s family is moving on again, and just before the Summer Festival where the children plan on selling their seashells.

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The Beach kids perform a song during CBES’ Spring Musical.