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School Board changes to new ‘Lane’

Posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 3:44 am

The Westmoreland County School Board took a new direction in their leadership to start the New Year. Ending a five-year term for one elected member.

On Jan. 28 during the monthly school board meeting, members of the Westmoreland County School Board elected Iris Lane to become its new chairperson in accordance with school board policy BCB and Virginia statute, which requires the board to reorganize every year at the first meeting of the year.

This ends the five year term set by Daniel Wallace, who has served on the board for nine  years. During this time, Wallace has been involved in the hiring of two superintendents, initiating a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM)    initiative in partnership with NSWC, and playing a key role in the Governor’s School for this region.

“He is more than happy to have a well-deserved break from the position,” as stated in a release from Lane and Wallace.

Lane becomes the chair with one year of experience on the board. She has board experience at the national, state and local levels specifically related to education programs.

“She is cautiously excited to assume the responsibilities of the chair.  With the support of the entire board and the superintendent, Ms. Lane plans to perform the chair duties to the best of her ability,” the release stated.

Lane went on to state that she believes in empowering the board to function effectively as a team.  However, this does not mean any change in direction for the schools.

“Again, no changes in direction occur without the Board’s collaboration with the Superintendent and subsequent approval by the school board.  There is one board and all five members hold one vote on all board matters,” as stated in the release.

Wallace and Lane said they have already met to facilitate the transition of duties and responsibilities.  Dr. Wallace has shared lessons learned with Ms. Lane and this has been extremely helpful.

In their closing remarks, “we are committed to working together in the future as we have in the past, fully committed to doing all they can to ensure Westmoreland County students have equal access to and are able obtain the very best education possible with available resources.”