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Schools track student progress

Posted on Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 9:34 am

Tracking student progress is key to improvement plans laid out for both W&L High School and Washington District Elementary. Both W&L and WDES have implemented systems to track student progress on a daily and weekly basis in order to implement changes early where needed. Both schools know that although they have enjoyed full accreditation they have to start fresh each year and not rely on past success to carry them through the current year. Lesson plans are frequently updated on a weekly basis and validation is given to students and staff when they excel.

Washington and Lee High School Principal Roger Coleman told school board members, “We are on our third year of being fully accredited. We are aware that we depended on our three year average for our full accreditation. Our goal is not to depend on this three year average. Our goal is to make scores that will bring us fully accredited each year.”

Coleman said there are certain items they look at such as early intervention, planning, lesson delivery and achievement gaps.

“Lesson planning is just a strategic plan for 5 days,” Coleman said. “We want to ensure lesson plan delivery and instruction.”

The school is focusing on lesson plan vocabulary to ensure teachers are using the same vocabulary the state uses.

“After a child has sat down for 90 minutes of learning we want to know what they know.”

Processes such as, early identification of student progress and implementing personalized lesson plans are keys to this years improvement plan. Personalized plans are created for all students who are in danger of not being successful.

Students are placed in proficiency gap groups based on their level of knowledge and ability to learn. They are tracked throughout the year and moved to other groups as they progress or if they fall behind. This ensures they are getting the right amount of instruction to keep them on track with other students.

Coleman said the school will track the progress of white students, black student and special education students. Tracking progress in this way will allow the school to see if there is a change in the education gap between different demographic groups to identify weak areas in teaching and improve lesson instruction.