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Separation of town and county

Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 at 2:53 pm

It may be June, but the dreaded T-word of taxes still rings in the ears of many after having to finish filing federal and state returns in the middle of April. Nothing stirs the pot quite like it, and as it turns out, the real estate tax cap removal that had been tabled at May’s Montross Town Council meeting has now passed, albeit not unanimously. Removal of the cap does not raise taxes in and of itself, but it allows the town to set its property taxes independent of the rate for real estate taxes set by the county government. Before the vote was conducted, people in the room spoke, both for and against; many of them were returning faces from May’s meeting, including former councilman Larry Wheaton.

Leonard Carlson, the Montross Planning Commission Chairman, was also on hand to go into detail on what had prompted this in the first place. According to the research he conducted, Montross is presently the only town in the state that lets its tax rate be capped by the county rates.

“We do have another method of taxation: a bank stock tax, but without that, our property tax rate would have to be more,” he explained. It also turns out that the town has a very low tax rate compared to the other towns in the Northern Neck, with the town’s rate being nearly 60% lower in comparison to the next lowest town.

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