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Shark Tooth Island event to remember

Posted on Friday, July 25, 2014 at 12:09 pm

Saturday, July 12 was a warm and sunny day, perfect for all those who gathered on Shark Tooth Island for live music, good food and good fun.

For the third year in a row, Fredericksburg area band, Swamp Trash, played on Shark Tooth Island. Becky Morgans, who organized the event, ferried the band out to the island on their pontoon boat. After a day of music and fun, the band and many others camped out on the island continuing the good times late into the evening. While this was the third time this event has occurred, this year it was held for a unique reason. The event was held to help raise funds for a very special little girl. islandsign

When organizing the event for this year, Morgans said they got the idea to hold the event as a fundraiser for Aria Ryan Chatham, who was born two months early. Aria suffers from Down Syndrome, has already had an operation due to bowel obstruction and was scheduled to have an operation on Monday, July 21 for the hole in her heart that requires her to be on oxygen 100 percent of the time.

Morgans said it was Ben Hudson who put the fundraising idea in her head. “I ran with it,” Morgans said. Through flyers, posters and on Facebook, Morgans got the word out about the event. The word got out so well that on Saturday, July 12 the island was lined with boats and packed with people. Morgans said it looked like Memorial Day weekend.

Usually, when Swamp Trash plays at the island, tips are just collected for the band. This year, Morgans walked the island with a jug collecting money for little Aria.

During that day on the island, Morgans collected $1,400 in cash alone. “I wasn’t expecting to collect that much. It shows me the heart and compassion people have by the amount of money collected,” Morgans said. She even commented that three people donated 100-dollar bills.