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Sixty-eight years of tradition

Posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at 12:11 pm

Colonial Beach Volunteer Fire Department hosted the 68th annual baby pageant and young ladies’ beauty pageant Sunday, June 2 at Colonial Beach Elementary School.

Boys and Girls through age four and girls through age 15 competed for a number of titles including Little Miss, Junior Miss and Miss Colonial Beach Volunteer Fire Department. The pageant was part of the Potomac River Festival.

Pageant winners included:

Little Miss Photogenic:

Melanie Johnson

Jr. Miss Photogenic: Olivia Cooke

Miss Photogenic: Gracie  Rosario

6 – 12 months


Runner-up: John Thomas Rose

Winner: Channing Lyle Peltola


Runner-up: Hailee Nicole Inman

Winner: Kennedy Vale Parks

1 – 2 years old


Runner-up: Kylin Fox Tall

Winner: Mateo Marly


Runner-up: Gracie LeeAnn O’Bier

Winner: Kinsley Sarae Beverly

3 – 4 years old


Runner-up: Decker Combs

Winner: Bobby Lee Jenkins, III


Runner-up: Birdie Mae Balko

Winner: Lily Anne Cooksey

5 – 6 years old

2nd Runner-up: Ayla Czako

1st Runner-up: Kynzee

Clara Ann Pate

Winner: Navaeh Miller

Little Miss CBVFD

2nd Runner-up: Haleigh Dawn Peltola

1st Runner-up: Rebecca Lynn Grigsby

Winner: Melanie Grace Johnson

Jr. Miss CBVFD

2nd Runner-up: Abigail Grace Parks

1st Runner-up: Payten Ficco

Winner: Bridget Lynn Gentry


2nd Runner-up: Grace Marie Rosario

1st Runner-up: Amber Noel Dye

Winner: Faith Christine Dyer

Channing Peltola, son of Lauren and Zack Peltola, shows off for the judges.