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Stanley Schoppe saluted

Posted on Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at 11:10 am

When Stanley Schoppe headed to Montross on a repair call for Jimmy Osbourne’s microwave oven at the Dairy Freeze he had no idea he’d still be here half a century later – providing food for hungry stomachs and heartfelt support for area athletes, townsfolk, workers, politicians and people just traveling through.

His fried chicken is as famous as his community spirit. Both are as integral to Montross as the engaging, boyish grin Stanley still shares with friends at the age of 72.

The first time he came, he didn’t even know the way to town. In fact, he stopped at the Warsaw Auto Treat and started taking the back off the oven there, only to be told, “My oven’s not broke!” by proprietor Donald King.

“Isn’t this the Montross Dairy Freeze?” Stanley asked.


At age 22, on November 1, 1969, soon after his first encounter with Jimmy Osbourne, Stanley became the new owner of what is now known as Stan’s Dairy Freeze Restaurant. Others told Jimmy he was crazy to take a chance on a young stranger. Jimmy knew better.

Jimmy kept working with Stanley as long as he lived. With plenty of hard work and with Jimmy’s support, Stanley paid off two mortgages (one to Jimmy, the other to Peoples Bank). When Jimmy headed to the hospital in an ambulance for his last ride, he repeatedly instructed those left behind, “Tell Stanley I won’t be at work today.”

Stanley missed his friend and mentor every day, but he kept on cooking.

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Stanley Schoppe’s smile brightens the room as he holds his plaque presented by veteran employees

in appreciation of his devotion, loyalty and commitment to the community.