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Strength, resilience and justice

Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 11:07 am

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear about some act of violence or criminal activity. For most of us it’s a post on social media, an article in the paper or a clip on the evening news. Some crimes affect us more than others, but generally after we see the full story most of us never think of the same crime again. But for victims of crime or families of loved ones who have lost their life to a crime, it becomes a way of life.
Westmoreland County Sheriff C. O. Balderson joined with Victim/Witness Advocates, Commonwealth Attorneys and Spiritual groups from the Northern Neck and Essex County to celebrate the strength, resilience and justice of victims and their families during the week of April 2 – 8.
On April 4 the group met in the Westmoreland Sheriff’s Office in Montross to give hope and guidance to victims and their families and advice to citizens how they can help victims in overcoming their tragedies.
Balderson said, “Today we have a responsibility to remember. When you look at victims of crime it breaks our heart, I know it sets in on all of us, it should! As we leave here tonight some of us may not ever think about it again, but for the victims they can’t. For those who have become victims it has become a way of life.”
Balderson asks that citizens not become complacent and forget about them. “These folks, on a daily basis, display bravery and fortitude to the fullest.”
“As a Sheriff we get called into these situations after it has happened, but a part of being an officer is to work to prevent crime.” Balderson asked that people be available when someone seems scared, “Some people have nowhere to turn.”
Balderson asked that people listen to victims and offer help, “We must continue to support victims, we need to be the voice for those who sometimes can not be heard because they sometimes don’t know how to voice things.”

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