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Stretching efforts to reach youth with a unique sport

Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at 10:35 am

The Fishers had no idea their idea to create a new home for arrow shooters would take off as fast as It’s done. In the past two months, not only have they collected a steady group of clientele, but they’re back for more and others as well.

To help kickoff the business’s new investment, owners of Rock Springs Archery is hosting its first 3D Shoot to those interested in competing on July 20. The proceeds will be made into Rock Springs Archery gift certificates and given to the top three place winners of the men’s, women’s and kids (under 12) contests.

“I have regrets that I didn’t do this 30 or 40 years ago instead of waiting so long because it’s something that I love,” Gerald Fisher said.

Ruth Scott prepares for the upcoming 3D competition on July 20. Scott is sporting one of the customized strings made by Fisher.

Ruth Scott, who has been shooting for 12 years and plans to compete, thought it was amazing when he heard Fisher constructed the site.

“I was all beside myself because anything like this around us in this area,” Scott said. “I thought it was a great idea.”

The practice range will open from 12-2 p.m. to registered shooters and the 3D competition begins at 2 p.m. Archers will go through a course collecting points for 30 different targets. Some stations will be altered depending on the age.

Fisher and his wife, Sherry, offer bows to train with and tune personal ones for archers. Fisher also makes custom strings on site and uses such equipment as a green scale, precision arrow saw, string jog, bow press and vice and laser tools.

“It makes me proud of my husband because this is something he has wanted to do,” Sherry Fisher said. “It’s a good feeling as a wife and partner to be able to be here and enjoy in the fruits of his labor in something he has a passion for.”

Fisher served one year in the 101st Airborne and in the National Guard for two, which provided him some of the qualifications to operate such devices as rifles, bows, etc. He also comes from a extensive family tree of self employed business owners. His father, Emory Fisher, operated Fisher’s General Country Store where Century 21 exist in Oak Grove.

The couple operates G.W. Fisher Homes Modular Homes and also do home improvements.

In the meantime, frequent archers as the Scott family is getting their shots in on the practice range and spending time with one another during the summer.

“I like coming here,” David Scott Jr. said, adding that in the evenings he enjoys his time at Rock Springs Archery.

“My biggest thrill is seeing kids get involved in it,” Fisher said. “The idea of getting kids in good, clean fun and helping them stay from something that is not clean fun is exciting.”

For more information, visit www.rockspringsarchery.com or 804-400-7204. The site is located at 4296 Leedstown Road (Route 638) in Colonial Beach.