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Tattooed in history

Posted on Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at 11:08 am

Tattoo establishments are now legal in Colonial Beach following the town council’s vote to repeal Section 17-54 of the town code. This section made operating a tattoo shop illegal within town limits.

Ordinance 701 removes that restriction and allows for tattoo shops within the Commercial and Resort Commercial districts. Shops must be 200 feet away from other shops as well as 200 feet from the primary entrance of religious institutions, schools and day care centers.

The Planning Commission has originally recommended a 500 foot restriction, but in a town with multiple churches this left out large swathes of districts.

Tattoo artist, Darren Hall and his wife Lisa are looking to open a tattoo shop in the town. They approached the council in the summer and asked for the restriction to be removed.

The Halls are hoping to open the shop in January, making Hallmark Tattoo the first tattoo shop in Westmoreland County’s history.

Tattoo artists, and tattoo shops, are heavily regulated by the Commonwealth with not only requiring that the artists being licensed, but also the shops.