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Telling our story: Alexandra Hale, on target for greatness

Posted on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 10:03 am

Westmoreland County Public Schools has more than 300 employees. To celebrate our four schools’, Cople Elementary, Montross Middle School, Washington District Elementary, and Washington & Lee High School, full accreditation this year, we will focus on “telling our story.”  We will look at the people and events that make our school system unique.

Alexandra Hale is a tall, vivacious young lady who exudes confidence. A second year teacher of first, second, and third grade special needs children at Washington District Elementary School, she is the kind of educator you wished all students could have. Like many of our educators, Mrs. Hale has always had the desire to “leave her mark” in life, wherever life may take her.

She grew up in Portage, Pennsylvania, and was always working with young children. Seeing and touching children motivated Alexandra to want to “change the world.”  As a youth, she volunteered as a life guard for a local girl scout camp and she also worked as a child care worker throughout high school and college. Her high school days were busy ones. Alexandra played volleyball, she was a majorette, participated in the drama club, and was class treasurer. She still managed to graduate among the top 20 graduates of her high school. Yet, her initial “mark” was made as she participated on the Rifle team.  Through her participation and skills, she won a full expense scholarship on the University of Akron’s Division 1 Rifle team, the “Zips.” Alexandra shot a 22 caliber target rifle and air gun. Both guns are extremely precise.

The University of Akron Zips are nationally recognized because of their outstanding accomplishments. They have hosted the NCAA championships for the last few years. Participating teams have included such powerhouses as the University of Kentucky, Memphis State University, the University of Mississippi, the Navy Academy, North Carolina State University, and West Virginia University. Alexandra served as a member of the Rifle Travel Team. This gave her the opportunity to compete nationally and travel throughout the country.  She had the unique and rare opportunity to compete in the junior Olympics all four years of her college career.

Alexandra Hale at the Junior Olympics.

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