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Telling our story: National School Social Work week

Posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 2:07 pm

Last week Westmoreland County Public Schools celebrated National School Social Work Week. For the last three years, Jacque Maupin has served as the division’s social worker, and the schools and division celebrated her accomplishments.  A school social worker is often mistaken for a school counselor.  The main difference is Ms. Maupin’s focus is social and family problems. She is the advocate for the student in all aspects of the student’s growth.  Additionally, at WMLCPS, one of Ms. Maupin’s main duties is responding to truancy and chronic absenteeism, and as she recently noted, “Promoting good student attendance is a challenging, but important, part of my job.  My hope is that each and every student receives the very best education Westmoreland County Public Schools can offer.  But to receive this beautiful, mind shaping education, students must be in school daily.”

Ms. Maupin did not always plan to be a social worker. “When I started my college career at Longwood University, I was barely 18 and I thought I wanted to be a Health and PE teacher.  But after my first year and a half, I decided that wasn’t for me. I changed my major to social work.”  Ms. Maupin added, “I remember when I first read about social work, I thought they should have put my picture on the page.

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Jacque Maupin, Westmoreland County Public Schools’ social worker.