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Termite infestation at W&L High School

Posted on Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Washington and Lee High School has had to do some rearranging this month as termites have taken over the English Department and Library/Media Center. Regarding the situation and its current status, Superintendent Rebecca Lowry reported the following:wmcps

“During the first week of March, our custodial and maintenance staff observed an increased amount of sagging in various sections of floors within the English Department. Upon further investigation, there were also portions of walls in at least two classrooms beginning to separate from their adjoining ceilings/roof. The cracking separations and sinking floors brought immediate concerns for what could be at play – even questions about a possible sinkhole. This portion of the high school is actually the oldest section, built  around 1931. An immediate call was made to the Westmoreland County Building Inspector’s Office, which brought forth additional review to rule out the existence of a sinkhole. Despite the interplay of continuous elements of horrific weather, our maintenance crew led the engineers and inspectors through the building in a meticulous fashion so that very quickly the diagnosis of termite infestation came forth.