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‘The Circle of Life’ session teaches children about Africa

Posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at 4:07 pm

The 2018 summer session of the Northern Neck Regional Governor’s School took place from July 30 to August 3. Approximately 100 students from Colonial Beach, Westmoreland County, Richmond County, Northumberland County, Lancaster County, and Chesapeake Academy attended. The theme for this year for this group of gifted and talented students was “The Circle of Life” with an emphasis on Africa.

Highlights of the week included fascinating storytelling from local authors and teachers, Rita Wagstaff and Daisy Howard Douglas. Both are members of the Westmoreland Weavers of the Word. Students were delighted with their tales, costumes, and African memorabilia.

Students were also fortunate to travel to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond to view their African exhibit as well as other exhibits within the museum.

Throughout the week students were engaged in a medley of tasks and projects that required creative thinking and problem solving skills. One class created their own business, another blew their own glass beads and soldered stained glass, while others held camel races and experimented with water filtration designs. Escape room activities were a highlight in one class and acting out African proverbs was enjoyed in another. From creating robots to building 3D triaramas, a great time was had by all.

The governor school is sponsored by the included school divisions and is funded in part by the Virginia Department of Education.