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Touring the new Courthouse

Posted on Friday, July 4, 2014 at 11:00 am

A tour of the new Westmoreland County Administrative and Courthouse building led by Westmoreland County Administrator Norm Risavi revealed some interesting features and put to rest speculation regarding features or lack thereof, that had generated excessive and ongoing gossip. courthouse

To dispel the gossip: there is no pool, no workout stations, mahogany or walnut walls, floors and ceilings and in fact, little to no opulence at all.

Every square foot is covered with commercial grade carpeting; walls and ceilings are drywall with commercial grade trimming and this includes the judge’s chambers which were rumored to be elegant and well adorned when in reality, the chambers are made from the same material and carpeting as the rest of the building.

One improvement for the masses is the courtroom gallery hardwood benches which are padded for ‘bottom end’ comfort.

The building is deceptively well designed and the exterior betrays the utilitarian, but attractively designed multi-roomed interior, which not only is all inclusive, but has every modern feature available for today’s safety concerns. If a mouse entered this structure, it’s every move would be tracked.