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Town reviews ordinances

Posted on Friday, June 14, 2013 at 8:57 am

By Susan Pietras-Smith

As they have been doing the past 18 months, the Planning Commission of Colonial Beach reviewed another section of the Zoning Ordinance at its meeting on last week. Ordinance 640 which focuses the Commercial Residential District brought up a few possible issues with the CP. The Commercial Residential (CR) district runs on Washington Avenue, part of Colonial Ave and part of First Street, as well as the end of Ninth street closest to Route 205. This district is set to allow a gradual change from commercial to residential areas allowing for less interruption in residential districts.
Zoning Administrator Gary Mitchell introduced the issue to the commission alongside new Planning Manager Brendan McHugh.
The review process involves not only      establishments and single family dwellings. There is also a brand new gym, realty offices, and other establishments.
The Town Council has issued Conditional Use Permits (CUP) for two other businesses that are in the residential district. One is a pet grooming business on Second Street, the other a Bed and Breakfast on Fourth Street.
Permitted uses that are listed within the ordinance include things such as: Arts and Crafts studios, bed and breakfasts, fraternal facilities, convenience stores, multi-family dwellings, schools,and offices. Day care centers, both adult and child, were moved to the CUP area of the ordinance.
Assisted living facilities, commercial parking, family day homes, funeral homes, motels, and night clubs are all listed as Conditional Use Permit required. This would mean any of these businesses would have to the Planning Commission and the Town Council prior to establishing the business. The issue of adult related businesses was discussed as it is currently listed under the CUP area of the ordinance.
All members of the PC were in agreement that the they would not want what is considered adult related businesses in town. The commission was reminded that town ordinance does not allow them in an ordinance that also disallows tattoo shops from opening in town limits.  Commissioner Robin Shick asked about something along the lines of the “Bra Fairy” shop that has opened in King George being denied.  This shop is sells brassieres to women. No decision was made on this point.
This ordinance will have a public hearing in July at the next PC meeting. w
The PC is also looking for new members as what should be a seven person commission is now down to five members. Anyone interested in joining the commission should contact Town Hall for the application.
The next meeting of the PC will be held July 11 at 5:30 p.m. This is a change due to the Fourth of July holiday.