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TRIAD takes a bite out of crime

Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 2:28 pm

Members of Triad, including volunteer citizens, law enforcement and the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office offer shared information and laughs with citizens at Friday’s fundraiser.

Citizens of Westmoreland county showed up to Union Bank in Montross for lunch on Friday to help take a bite out of crime during TRIAD’s fundraising hot dog lunch. Volunteers from TRIAD which included citizens, members of law enforcement and the commonwealth’s attorney’s office cooked up hotdogs served with chips and a soda to help raise funds to continue their work to raise awareness.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and scammers will take advantage of anyone they can. So members of TRIAD educate citizens, young and old to help prevent people from becoming victims.
Westmoreland County TRIAD Chairman Larry Wheaton and Vice Chairman Gerald Roane explained their mission. “Our mission is to keep senior citizens informed of scams so they don’t become victims of crime,” Wheaton said. “There are so many scams aimed at seniors that it is almost epidemic.”

Wheaton advises if you are a victim of a scam call 911 or the Westmoreland Sheriff’s Office at 804-493-8066. “We have deputies who are trained to identify scams. The problem is so many scams originate out of the country. They target American citizens through robo-calls.”

“Being on the do-not-call list doesn’t protect you,” Wheaton said. “They use robots to random dial numbers.”

“TRIAD/SALT is all about helping our community and especially our seniors to identify fraud, scams and provide other protective services to help keep us safe from predators, education is key,” Roane said. “It’s not just seniors, young people get taken all the time too. If it seems to be too good to be true it’s a scam. They will mask their call with local numbers.”

“We try to impress on all of our citizens if someone calls trying to get money or credit card information tell them no,” Wheaton said. “The IRS will not contact you by phone to get money. The Power Company will not contact you by phone to collect money. They will contact you by mail. So if somebody is calling saying they will save you from misery if you give them your credit card information, tell them no.”

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