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Truth, democracy, equality

Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 10:11 am

Westmoreland Indivisible describes their group as an inclusive, non-partisan grassroots social justice movement promoting and defending democracy, equality, and truth in their community and beyond. The group states the meetings are intended for anyone looking to become active in politics, whether locally, at the state level, or nationally.
Westmoreland Indivisible held their sixth meeting at the Gallilee Baptist Church on March 27. Considered still a fairly new group, over 5 participants turned out for the meeting. Members said it was one of their most attended meetings so far.
The first order of business to be addressed was finding a short slogan that best describes the group’s intentions and mission. Some of the slogans chosen to follow the name “Westmoreland Indivisible” were “persistent,” “resistance,” “never the less we persist,” “for meaningful change,” “together we stand” and “social responsibility.” However, the two top slogans were “liberty and justice for all” and “truth, democracy, equality.”
The group debated on the two more popular slogans before voting. Several members felt that ‘democracy, equality, truth’ helped convey the mission statement more accurately. Member Criss Laubach defended his suggestion for ‘liberty and justice for all’ saying it is in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Laubach said, “I had envisioned it would be Westmoreland Indivisible on a flag background. I think the flag has been stolen by the right-wing. We need to let people know that liberty and justice is for all and the flag is for all as well. It doesn’t just belong to the Republicans or the white supremacists or whoever is using it, it belongs to all of us and that is why I picked that one.”

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