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Valdez, Bowen finish high in SMS event

Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 11:59 pm

On Oct. 13, St. Margaret’s School in Tappahannock hosted the 14th annual Rappahannock River Run with record setting attendance.

Leading as this year’s top three finishers were Stephen Mutisya in first place, Douglas Marshall in second and Washington & Lee High School’s (W&L) Emmanuel Valdez in third. His cross country teammate Zach Bowen followed in fourth in preparation for the Northern Neck District Tournament at W&L on Oct. 24 beginning around 4 p.m.

Washington & Lee’s Emmannuel Valdez (right) and Zach Bowen (second to right) were among the leading finishers of the 14th Annual Rappahannock River Run earlier this month. They will put themselves to the test as they host the Northern Neck District Championship on Oct. 24. Both W&L boys’ and girls’ teams will defend their titles earned last season.

Sarah C. Weakley, director of alumnae relations and annual giving, said she was pleased with the high turnout.

“With 126 registered participants, this year’s race brought in 50 additional local runners and walkers compared to last year.  We even had three canines come to check out the 3.1 mile course that went through Historic Downtown Tappahannock and by the Rappahannock River,” said Weakley. “We are also happy to be donating a portion of the proceeds to Friends of the Rappahannock, a local non-profit organization that is ‘the voice and active force for a healthy and scenic Rappahannock River.’”

The following results are from the Rappahannock River Run: 1-Stephen Mutisya, 17:11; 2-Douglas Marshall 17:38; 3-Emmanuel Valdez, 18:04; 4-Zach Bowen, 18:45; 5-Tri Blanks, 19:27; 6-Ken Kokko, 19:50; 7-Alicia Guridy-20:11; 8-Iain Barclay, 22:18; 9-Daniel T. Lecce, 2:35; 10-Katherine Lecce, 22:36; 11-Claire Early, 22:39; 12-Helena Berny Correa, 22:46; 13-Tara Garner, 22:53; 14-Alan Chamberlain, 23:05; 15-Caroline Avery, 23:50; 16-Dawn Byrd, 24:14; 17-Daniel Lecce, 24:16; 18-Meg Higginbotham, 24:21; 19-Tere Diaz, 24:31; 20-Kristen Morris, 24:46;

21-Almu Corona, 25:05; 22-Manuel Corona, 25:09; 23-Tracey Harter, 25:14; 24-Lexie Bruzgul, 25:38; 25-Jamie Beamer, 25:39; 26-Lucie McCarthy, 25:50; 27-Ana Fernandez, 25:56; 28-Jonathan Hammond, 26:03; 29-Shannon Tignor, 26:04; 30-Kelly Short, 26:17;

31-Mili Patel, 26:30; 32 –Edison Tennant, 26:39; 33 –Melanie Tennant, 26:40; 34-Holley Tomlin, 27:01; 35-Susan Gibian, 27:04; 36-Dean Tennant, 27:20; 37-Matthew Tennant, 27:22; 38-Katherine Roman, 29:04; 39-Jeanette Derby, 29:10; 40-Zifan Pu, 29:11;

41-Dale Harter, 29:12; 42-Denise Wyatt, 29:38; 43-Jessica Jett, 30:59; 44-Kate Mazan, 31:24; 45-Mary Haley, 32:42; 46-Meredith Walsh, 33:13; 47-Virginia King, 33:22 and 48-Brooke Sanders, 34:05; 49-Vicki –Moore, 34:11; 50-Carey Allen, 34:15;

51-Gary Gibian, 34:15; 52-Don Spence -34:25; 53-Cindi Becker, 34:26; 54-Elisabeth Williams, 34:34; 55-Rachel Ball, 34:51; 56-Ethel Guerrero34:51; 57-Lisa Herring, 34:52; 58-Rachael Moreau, 34:52; 59-Robin Megel, 34:56; 60-Liz Armor, 35:49;

61-Jason Harper, 36:21; 62-Kelly Ambrose -38:03; 63-Kim Moore, 38:03; 64-Susan Alexander, 38:38; 65-Chris Durr, 38:39; 66-Meghan Cooke, 38:57; 67-Teresa Lankford, 39:07; 68-Libby Tribble, 39:11; 69-Jadan Price, 40:06; 70-Toby Taliaferro, 41:43;

71-Sherry Derby, 44:13; 72-Ed Schilling, 44:19; 73-Brenda Davis, 44:20; 74-Terry M. Brooks, 45:06; 75-Terry Brooks, 45:07; 76-Elizabeth Harper, 45:34; 77-Dave Megel, 46:00; 78-Kendall Stoneham, 46:09; 79-Nichole Volo, 46:09; 80-Rosalina Volo, 46:10

The following finished 47:00+: Indy Anderson, Gage Anderson, Tina Bane, Tina Broaddas, Cindy Brooks, Cupper Dickinson, Kayleigh Durr, Carter Fitch, Andy Fitch, Patricia Gallagher, Susie Greenstreet, Kendra Jett, Katie Kokko, Natasha Laster, Cailin Mazan, Deborah Moore, Hannah Overton, Kim Pitts, Nancy Smith, Katie Speigler, Roxanne Sullivan and Teresa Watson.