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Vote for Colonial Beach man to be the next NBC Voice contestant

Posted on Friday, April 18, 2014 at 11:00 am

Little did the community of Colonial Beach know, but there may be a singing sensation in their midst and the community has the chance to make one man’s dreams come true.

New resident to Colonial Beach, formerly from King George, James Grigsby spends his days working for Westmoreland Berry Farm. However, in his spare time, he likes to sing. One day, while he was at his house belting out America the Beautiful, his wife Amy recorded him and sent his video in to the NBC4 Voice contest. Shortly after, Grigsby received an email from the producer congratulating him on being one of the top 25 highest scoring videos. Out of the videos sent in, a panel of judges voted on the best videos, singing ability and style. grigsby

As part of the top 25, Grigsby is now counting on the public to be the judges and vote him in to the top four. These 25 videos are now online and to continue on to the next level, he needs votes. The top four will advance to the grand prize judging round and the winner of those four will receive a guaranteed audition for the NBC hit show, The Voice.

Before sending in the video, Amy had told Grigsby about the contest and asked if he’d be interested. Grigsby said he had to think about it and thought that if he did and something happened, it’d be good, but if not, he wouldn’t get his hopes up. However, after receiving the email that he made the top 25 Grigsby said, “I was basically jumping out of my skin with excitement.” Having never been overly confident in his musical talents, Grigsby said he would like to see how far he can go with this. To the public, Grigsby said, “I would be very grateful for any support I could get from our community. Let’s show people in other places that there is talent everywhere. Let’s put our place on the map.”

Grigsby was in the show choir in high school and sang at Oak Grove Baptist Church as a teenager into early adult life. He said he has always enjoyed music from a very young age; he always liked to sing and wanted to learn to play instruments. He dabbles some with guitar, modestly saying he can play enough to sing along with. Grigsby said this is a dream come true for him because he has never thought he was as good as people say and think he is. “This is proof that maybe I’ve just been too critical on myself.” At almost 40 years old, Grigsby said he would just like to tell everybody that if you have a dream and a goal, to never stop working for it. “You are never too old. There is always a possibility things will work out for you. This is living proof that if you want something you can have it if you are willing to work for it.” Of course, along with his hard work and perseverance, he also needs the help of the community. “I would love to have as many people support me and give me their votes. I would love to see how far I could take this.”

His wife is very excited for him as are their daughter and son. Grigsby said he considers his musical style to be country and that no matter how far he goes with this, he’ll always know his roots. “I’ve lived in the country all my life and my feet are firmly on the ground. I’ll never forget where I came from.”

Those who make the top four will go to the DC news station and perform live for a panel of judges. They will choose a song to sing from an approved list with provided music or done acapella. In order for Grigsby to get this chance of a lifetime, he needs the community’s help. Voters must be at least 13 years old to vote and are limited to four votes per day. Voting ends April 20. It is the public’s turn to be the judge and help a fellow neighbor to succeed. Visit http://www.nbcwashington.com/ go to contests, click on VIP Voice and look for James G. of Colonial Beach.