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Washington District Elementary teachers present at reading conference

Posted on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 10:51 am

Washington District Elementary School Reading Specialists’ Jocelyn Mir, Beth Scherm, and Sandy Sullivan prepare for their appearance at the Virginia State Reading Association Conference.

Three reading specialists from Washington District Elementary Schools will be presenting a “colorful” program at the 50th Anniversary of the Virginia State Reading Association conference (VRSA). Speaking on “Creating a School –Wide Literacy Environment” at the Roanoke conference on March 16 & 17 2017, reading specialists’, Beth Scherm, Jocelyn Mir, and Sandy Sullivan have been diligently creating a program that highlights their successful adventures in making reading fun at Washington District Elementary. They will share their enthusiasm for exciting programs dressed as “Crayola” crayons.
For the past few years, the WDE reading specialists have brought reading to the forefront of education. Students have embraced reading one shared book, marching in the favorite character parade, participating in literacy night, and participating with their parents with the games and events on the various nights.
The reading specialists’ will present their ideas and programs to other schools and reading specialists at the conference. Their presentation will include logistics to implement each event at Virginia’s Readers’ Choice, All School Read, Literacy Night, and Read across America. They will also pontificate on the myriad of ways they have utilized in inspiring students to be involved and motivated for the various reading programs.
VRSA “is a professional organization actively engaged in promoting literacy throughout Virginia. They support communities by sharing current instructional strategies and research. Established in 1968, the VSRA has long supported literacy education by following six goals: 1) Support and disseminated knowledge of best practices in literacy instruction; 2) Support and disseminate literacy research; 3) Foster interaction on literacy issues through collaboration, networking and partnerships; 4) Advocate for policies and legislation that advances literacy; 5) Provide quality professional development opportunities in the area of literacy education; and 6) Promote lifelong literacy habits.
Westmoreland County Public Schools salutes the efforts of these three teachers. We congratulate them on having been chosen to participate in this professional opportunity.