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WDES “Gets Electric”

Posted on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 4:00 pm

On Feb. 26, Andrew Packett from the Northern Neck Electric Cooperative came to Washington District Elementary School to talk to fourth graders. Packett gave the students a lesson on electricity in simple terms and with demonstrations and props that made it easy to understand.

Andrew Packett shows Kendrick Abrams how a closed circuit works.

Andrew Packett shows Kendrick Abrams how a closed circuit works.

He touched on topics like what electricity is and safety hazards for power lines and transformers. “Power line safety is very important,” Packet told the students.

The students all seemed intrigued and immersed in his presentation. By the end, they could all tell you that electricity is the flow of electrons, and that power lines are hotter than the sun, faster than the speed of light and invisible. They also learned how your body can become a conductor and that water is an excellent conductor, which he followed with a talk on home safety. He emphasized the importance of never having water near anything electric and of removing power cords correctly. Several of the students slowly raised their hands and fessed up to having yanked the cord from the wall when vacuuming for their parents, so Packett instructed them that it was very important to turn the appliance off, then pull out the plug correctly from the wall. Packett’s next question for the students was “Have you ever heard your parents talk about the electric bill?” Nearly every hand shot up in the air.