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‘Webster the Beagle’

Posted on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 9:40 am

Frank Payne and his dog Webster had an incredibly intense bond. The two shared a unique life that prompted Frank to publish a children’s book after Webster’s passing. The book highlights the story of Webster and his amazing love and sensitivity to people in need.

“Webster the Beagle” depicts the story of Webster who was never like other hunting dogs. After being born into a litter of 8 other Beagles, his fate was predestined; he was expected to become a hunting dog and track animals for hunters. However, one day Webster was released into the woods to follow the scents of the animals nearby, but ended up getting lost. He wandered around, alone for two whole days until he ended up finding Payne who was out hunting. Webster ran up to Payne, jumped in his lap, and the rest was history.

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