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Wellness in Westmoreland

Posted on Friday, May 2, 2014 at 11:30 am

People in Montross, old and young alike, are working on getting well with the help of Maria and Will Lewis’s Wellness Center. The Wellness Center offers customers not only Herbalife products, but also guidance, support and a comfortable place to enjoy their shake.

Pictured above, Will and Maria Lewis run the Wellness Center in Montross.

Pictured above, Will and Maria Lewis run the Wellness Center in Montross.

Maria explained that years ago her father started using Herbalife. Although he didn’t have time to exercise, using Herbalife, he still lost weight.  Even still, Maria was skeptical about the products. She had been eating healthy and exercising, but this only helped her to lose eight pounds. Eventually, she tried the Herbalife products and lost 12 more pounds in one month. While continuing to exercise and eat right, Maria said Herbalife gave her an extra boost. It helped her with energy, feeling fuller longer and helped to suppress cravings for junk food. “I was feeling really good. It changed my lifestyle. I have four kids and need to be healthy for them.”

She used the products while pregnant for the second time and had a much smoother pregnancy and natural birth. She still continues to use the products, as do her kids and her husband Will, who after seeing how much they helped Maria, jumped on board.

Will commented on how wonderful the products are in relieving long term effects that a leukemia or cancer survivor would have. Will himself suffered long term effects like excessive tiredness, but said with using the products, it gradually went away. “It helps with energy and nutrition. It’s not meant to prevent or cure anything, but it has helped me go a long way. From the stages I’ve gone through, remission until now, it has really helped.”

The two explained that the products are not solely for weight loss, but can be used for many health alignments. Maria’s mother uses the products for arthritis. However, they do especially recommend the products for people who want to lose, maintain or gain weight. As a member of the Wellness Center, Maria and Will teach customers how to eat well and coach them during the process so that if they choose to stop using the product they won’t gain the weight back. Depending on what the customer wants to do or the health problems they have, Maria and Will recommend programs that target those specific issues.