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Wendy’s Feline Friends

Posted on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 11:29 am

Wendy Erskine did not wake up one day and decide to foster cats in her house. “I fell into it,” Ms. Wendy said of her cause, Wendy’s Feline Friends, a non-profit, cat adoption organization. Ms. Wendy is a Colonial Beach local who rescues community cats and provides them an incredible home until a permanent family adopts them. She acquires her feline friends through many avenues, including taking homeless pets off the streets. Her home is shared with 50 cats, and her live-in helper.

Once the cats are in Ms. Wendy’s care, she provides them with proper immunization and feeds them Science Diet brand cat food. Most of her cats are healthy, sociable pets who love the environment that Ms. Wendy offers them. She has several rooms in her home dedicated to the cats that have scratching post towers for them to climb on. Ms. Wendy also has an outdoor space where the cats are free to climb trees and wander around outside.

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