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Where is the loan to move CBES?

Posted on Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 4:00 pm

At a joint meeting of the Colonial Beach School Board (SB) and Town Council (TC) held Feb. 13, Tim Trivett, School Board Chair, held TC’s feet to the fire. In October of 2013, Superintendent Kathleen Beane approached the TC on the issue of moving the elementary students to the high school campus as well as repairs on the high school building.cb

Following that meeting, the town stated they would look into getting a loan of $1 million for the school system. This loan was set to finance moving elementary students to the high school campus in a modular unit. Other items anticipated to be rolled into the loan included: repairing the high school, replacing the baseball and football field lights and adding lights to the softball field.

According to Town Manager Val Foulds she did the initial work with the Virginia Municipal League/Virginia Association of Counties (VML/VACo), but then the loan was set aside. The TC has not discussed the loan, in a public forum, since November.

Things came to a head when the brick building, known as the “Old High School,” caught fire in the early morning hours of Jan. 5. Following that event, all CBES students were relocated to Oak Grove Baptist Church (OGBC) for classes. The fire added costs to the school system’s budget including fencing around the burnt building, moving the students, additional gasoline for the bus trips to the location, and various other items.